Dental Sleep Training

  • Education - In Office Coaching will provide and train your team on dental sleep and TMJterminology and the types of oral dental appliances used to treat sleep apnea. We will discuss the definition of sleep apnea, how it affects the body, and how it is related to or can cause other health related problems.

  • Scripting - In Office Coaching will role play with your Business Office team to improve their skills in handling new patient phone inquiries about sleep dentistry and TMJ dentistry. We will provide scripting for your entire team to utilize when answering your existing patient's questions and identifying sleep patients within your existing patient base.

  • Appointment Series Outline / Review - In Office Coaching will provide step by step guidelines to establish your appointment series for sleep dentistry and TMJ dentistry. From the consultation through to delivery of the sleep appliance, we will help identify and document each step that will be taken in this series of appointments. This will provide clear guidelines and a roadmap for your team to incorporate sleep dentistry and TMJ dentistry into your practice.

  • Insurance - One of the biggest concerns for new and existing patients is insurance. In Office Coaching will provide your team with the tools and scripts to help your patient maximize their insurance and afford the treatment they desire. We will provide an overview of medical insurance from referrals, to pre-approval, to making the patient responsible and pay upfront for your services. We will provide sample claim forms, a list of diagnosis and procedure codes commonly used, and sample appeal letters.

  • Marketing - An integral part of your success in the sleep field is a marketing plan. In Office Coaching will establish an action driven marketing plan for your implementation. This marketing plan will include internal and external ideas to jump start your sleep and TMJ practice. This plan will be a foundation for you to build on as your sleep and TMJ practice grows.

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