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Dawn Patrick, Owner/Coach

 With over 20 years of experience in the dental field, In Office Coaching believes in and acknowledges the uniqueness and potential of every individual. That alone is the reason we customize our coaching services to meet your specific needs for a happier life and a career that has more meaning and fulfillment. We desire to see you succeed!

In Office Coaching provides one-on-one leadership to establish, promote and provide continuous growth in your dental practice. As your In Office Coach, I will help establish goals, implement systems to support your goals, and support and train your team to utilize basic systems and tools that are the foundation of a successful dental practice. Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines your goals and how you are going to reach them. In Office Coaching will be with you every step of the way.

In Office Coaching helps you establish your business strategy, solve specific problems, reach goals, design action plans, and achieve desired results. Unlike consulting, In Office Coaching will help you correct the things that don't work. Our plan will be customized personally for you, no cookie cutter approach - that is our promise to you.

Together we will:

  • Clarify your Vision and Mission Statements
  • Establish your Business Plan to include Short and Long Term Goals
  • Establish a budget
  • Establish your organization structure
  • Establish fees for your services
  • Get to know your competition
  • Create a Marketing Strategy

As your In Office Coach, I work with your team one on one and offer you advice and expertise when you need it, motivation and brainstorming when you're stuck, and insight to build your business to its highest potential. We will help your team develop stellar communication skills, which will help them establish and foster relationships in which patients feel valued, understood and empowered to make healthy choices for themselves. Team members trained to communicate more effectively with patients will dramatically increase acceptance of treatment, build patient confidence and trust, and generate enthusiastic referrals.

In Office Coaching believes people support what they help to create. We provide training and wisdom to encourage your team to share management and leadership responsibilities. Your entire practice will thrive, achieving a level of success and freedom beyond your wildest expectations. By working collaboratively, we will create an empowering environment where everyone's voice is heard, and their contributions are fully appreciated and maximize the confidence of your patients.

Dawn Patrick
Founder and Owner
In Office Coaching

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