Practice Jump Start Overview

The goal of the Practice Jump Start Program is to establish the necessary tools required to open a new dental practice or boost your existing dental practice. In Office Coaching will guide you through creating your vision, establishing practice goals, and formulating your business plan. Once this first layer of your foundation is complete, In Office Coaching will help you carry your goals to the next level and help you establish your office components. Office components will consist of selection of your computer/practice management software, establishing the necessary paperwork and processes required for your Human Resource component. In Office Coaching will guide you through the hiring process, selecting the appropriate career-oriented candidates for each position. Finally we will apply the Foundation Component and the Office Component to establish your Team Components. Team Components will include Systems, Training and Marketing your practice. With the help of your team we will implement basic office systems, train with the team on those systems, and initiate your marketing plan. In Office Coaching will be with you each step of the way. Unlike consulting, In Office Coaching gives you the best of both worlds. We offer a Consulting Program with an In Office Coach to guide you through the process. In addition to Practice Jump Start, In Office Coaching offers personalized training modules and dental practice management forms to improve your team's performance in areas you feel need extra attention.


Milestone Events
Milestone Description Impact Resources Occurence
Milestone 1

Business Plan
Goals Statement, Vision Statement, and Business Plan Provides team with direction and goals to ensure growth Doctor, In Office Coaching Templates, and Coach X + 15 business days
Milestone 2

Office Establishment
Establish Tax and Banking Accounts and Office Software Selection and Installation Accomplishment of Office Incorporation and establishment of office computer systems Doctor, Accountant, Third Party Vendor, and Coach X + 11 business days
Milestone 3

Team Hiring
Establish Org Structure, Job Descriptions, Benefits Package, and begin Sourcing Team Members Creates the systems that both entice and regulate employee compensation Doctor, Accountant, Third Party Vendor, and Coach X + 20 business days
Milestone 4

Office Setup
Establish Labs, Treatment Suites, Sterilization Processes Ensures standardization and well thought out processes Doctor, Office Manager, Hygienist, Assistant, and Coach X + 25 business days
Milestone 5

Systems Establishment
Establish Clinical, Hygiene, and Business Systems Ensures your team is prepared for daily operation Doctor, Office Manager, Hygienist, Assistant, and Coach X + 45 business days
Milestone 6

Mandated, Software, and Interpersonal Training Provides a training baseline to ensure your team is current Third Party Provider, Doctor, Office Manager, Hygienist, Assistant, and Coach X + 46 business days
Milestone 7

Determine Scope, Research Market, and Select Most Effective Marketing Plan Effectively Targets the Clients and Promotes your Practice Doctor and Coach X + 12 business days
Milestone 8

Opening Day
The BIG Day! The First of Many Productive Days Team and Coach X + 47 business days
Milestone 9

Systems Monitoring
Analysis of Practice Statistics Provides Oversight of Goals Accomplishment and Operational Efficiency Doctor, Accountant, Office Manager, and Coach 10th business day of the month for the first three months